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Learn about the power of WordPress and why it is my favorite platform. You will love it too!

WordPress ServicesI use WordPress as the platform to build all my customers sites. WordPress allows me to build sites that are both good looking and attractive to the search engines. This is a win-win in my eyes as customers get a great looking site and I get the satisfaction of seeing these new sites highly ranked by Google and other search engines.

WordPress is a extremely stable platform and is easily secured using plugins that backup all the website data and protect the site from spam. Having a site that you can rest assured about its stability and reliability provides a great sense of security.

Benefits of using WordPress:

Ease of use for both the web designer and the owner. WordPress allows the website owner to log into a website and make changes to the site eliminating the need for web designer intervention.
WordPress is a true blogging platform allowing the owner of the site to create fresh, new content as desired. The owner can log into the site and post their new article from a laptop, desktop, iPad or smart phone. This is a huge benefit for a website owner desiring to create an online community.
Customization is relatively easy when using WordPress. There are thousands of themes available for WordPress that can be applied to the site creating a new look and feel. Many themes available are free while others are premium themes. Even after a new theme is applied, many customizations can be applied to create a one of a kind design and layout. And when you desire to add functionality to your site you will find a huge variety of plugins for your specific purpose. For example, you would like to add rotating banners to your site advertising your products or services, a plugin is all that is required.
Search engines seem to love WordPress. There is something about the generated code that Google likes. This is a very important aspect of using this platform. I have worked for some clients that had their site built using different platforms that didn’t allow (or made very difficult) optimizing the site for specific keywords.

As you can see WordPress is a very powerful basis for any website.  WordPress is very flexible, secure and constantly evolving as it is open source. At any one time, there are thousands of people working to make WordPress even better than it is today.

Most people think about WordPress as a blogging platform but it can be a fantastic platform for your website as well. This site is built using WordPress and does not look like a blog.