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You are most likely reading this page because your business needs a website. I am not here to sell you anything but rather educate you on the importance of a good design and its relationship to SEO (search engine optimization). Without the SEO aspect of your website, chances are slim that anyone will find your site. They may see your site if the url is on your business card or window banner, but don’t you want potential customers to find your site using a search? Of course you do!

If you sell widgets in Orlando Florida and someone types “widgets in Orlando” into a search engine search box, certainly you want your site to there for them to visit. Not buried on the second, third or worse, fourth page and beyond. You want your website to be on the first page as high on the page as possible. That is where you get the traffic, where you get the new customers and the opportunity to market to them.

I don’t believe in having a website that is beautiful to look at that no one can find when searching for your product or services. You see, one aspect without the other is a waste time and money! The design of the site is important as you want your site to look professional and instill confidence in your business, but more importantly is the ability to have your site show up when someone is looking for your business.

Be careful if a web designer that does not provide SEO services!

Websites must be created with the intention of performing SEO  to get them ranked highly in the search engines. I have seen many websites that have no content to optimize, images that can not be tagged with “alt” tags, sites that can not be modified without recoding, and other issues that would not allow them to be found by potential customers.

I build websites that are optimized for keywords that relate specifically to your business. These are keywords that have been researched and have known traffic numbers. Without this keyword research, a web designer is just shooting in the dark, hoping you like the look of the site.

Let’s get real here, if you are looking for a site that actually gets you new customers we need to talk!

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